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Solo Being Updated

Post by DragonGrl » Feb 11th 2021 00:24

For those eagerly awaiting the reset of Solo, we ask that you be patient. We are currently doing some work on the code (not changes, just getting it into the 21st century) so that we can more easily fix any bugs and change settings much more quickly. Because of this, it will be a few more days before Solo is ready to be brought back up. Thank you for your patience.
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Re: Solo Being Updated

Post by Laanders » Mar 01st 2021 10:38

Solo is up for a brief test run after a major change to the way the server operates. Feel free to try it and report anything that looks wrong to you, to me directly or in #solo (under Game Sever Talk) on Discord.

We will announce a proper reset in the near future when we are satisfied there are no major problems with the server.
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