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Blitz Server Migration

Post by DragonGrl » Jan 14th 2021 15:51

As many people have noticed, when you attempt to go to the Blitz server, you are rerouted to Lightning instead. This is because we are in the process of moving Blitz to a new server which requires some setup. Once we get the Blitz virtual host configured properly, it will return to normal. We have also done some much needed updating to the code which will allow our dev team to make changes more quickly and will result in a smoother player experience overall. We are hoping to have Blitz back up in the next few days barring any unforeseen issues. Thank you for your patience.
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Re: Blitz Server Migration

Post by Laanders » Jan 18th 2021 13:44

Blitz is up and running again temporarily, but only for some basic testing to ensure things are working after the migration. Players are welcome to reincarnate and play but should be aware the server can go up and down at any point. When we're satisfied with the testing, likely in a day or two, the server will be reset and restarted properly. The date for this will of course be announced at least 24 hours in advance.
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