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Post by Groentje » Feb 17th 2007 18:27

Dear players,

The TR team has renewed its decalogue. Please reread it, because it contains what we expect from our players (fair play) and what we consider cheating or otherwise unwanted stuff (harrassment, scripting, vandalism, commercial exploitation). You may also want to check our Punishments and Appeals procedures.

This is the decalogue text:
    Violators of the Decalogue will face severe punishments such as or losing a full amount of turns (Timetwister), freezing of mages (Frozen Hell) and immediate deletion of mages (Fury of God). Repeated offenses will result in bans from game servers and forum.

    Try to keep the play in spirit of healthy competition, without cheating. Players should follow the rules in the Decalogue and should not tolerate anybody who is breaking them. Any controversial action that is not disclosed in these commandments are reviewed and judged by the Game Administrators. The Game Administrators will always remain neutral in any conflict between players.
    Remember that even though many people take playing TR rather seriously, it still is only a game.

    Multimaging is a form of cheating. It is strictly prohibited to play mages using more than one TR account (UBB account). A TR account allows a player to maintain one mage on each server at any given time. Multimages (several mages on the same server that are played by the same player) are tracked, the mages are frozen and the accounts are deactivated and deleted.
    • Players with a mage in a guild that hosts many multimages, can find their mage frozen too.
    • Players that share their connection with a cheating player, can have their accounts deactivated too.

    Players are held responsible for everything that happens through their account. Questionable actions are always charged to the original account creator. Account sharing is multimaging.
    • It is forbidden to share the access to your UBB account and mages with others.
    • It is forbidden to log in to someone else account, not even for ‘checking’, ‘babysitting’ or ‘teaching’. This also goes for players that share their connection. When TR admins notice too many alternating logins from a shared connection every day, it is considered multimaging and a violation of rules II and III.
    • It is forbidden to trade accounts or inherit accounts.

    TR is a game in permanent ‘beta’ testing phase. TR can not guarantee bug-free game play. TR is trying to provide the best possible service, but there always remains a chance of problems with player accounts:
    • Players must report any bugs found to the developers (on the UBB forum, or through e-mail).
    • Taking advantage of a bug is not permitted – mages that do are frozen.
    • In cases of small code malfunction, TR-developers cannot and will not repair any damage to mages.
    • In cases of major code malfunction that affected many mages on a server, TR-developers can stop the server and announce a roll back (resuming the game from a saved earlier situation) to just before the bug occurrence.

    It is forbidden to harass other players, in game messages and in forum posts. Please mind your attitude and language. Be polite and have fun. Harassment includes, but is not limited to: offensive language, sexually explicit language, spamming or sending unwanted messages when requested to stop.
    Taunting opponents is fine as long as it is role played. Verbal aggressive behavior and threats are frowned upon. Insults and personal attacks are not tolerated. The mass sending of recruiting messages for a guild is considered spam. Repeated creation of disposable mages simply to attack and harass other players in game is considered harassment.

    Players are only allowed to share information on targets and to coordinate attacks with fellow players, after officially registering their alliance. There are three forms of registered alliance that allow coordination:
    (1) Mages that are each others direct allies (on non-solo servers).
    (2) Mages that are member of the same guild (on guilded servers).
    (3) Mages that are members of allied guilds (on guilded servers).
    Other forms of registered alliance (ally of an ally, NAP-ed guilds) do not allow sharing information and coordinating attacks. Examples:
    • Mages that are members of a guild are not allowed to send in-game information regarding targets to NAP-ed guild members.
    • Mages that are not yet a member of a guild, can only share and coordinate with their direct allies.
    • Non-guilded mages that are in an "alliance chain" can only coordinate with their direct allies, and may not share in-game information with other mages in the chain. See here for examples.
    • Coordinating offensive casting of Serenity or Cancellation with mages that are not direct allies, members of the same guild, or members of an allied guild is illegal.
    All other coordinated action is considered illegal guild activity.

    Don’t spoil the game by public posting of information from within the game that only attacking and defending mages can know about. It is not allowed to reveal the troop types and tactics of enemy mages to other players in general. Players can only share such information with registered allies on that server (Rule VI), using in-game messages or closed parts of the guild forum.
    • Players that want to post fragments of battle reports on the forum or in their mage description should blank out the name and number of the enemy mage and of any allied mages involved.
    • Players are not allowed to reveal information on possible Armageddon casters.

    Milking is a form of cheating. It is the intentional movement of resources between two consenting parties. Common examples are:
    (1) Pillaging / Attacking / Sieging a consenting mage to transfer resources (land, geld, population, items).
    (2) Pillaging / Attacking / Sieging / Spelling a consenting mage to hand out protection status.
    (3) Pillaging / Attacking / Sieging a consenting mage to kill off unwanted troops.
    (4) Iteming / Spelling a consenting mage to transfer resources (geld, population, items, unique items).
    Currently NOT considered milking is:
    (1) The casting of Serenity or Cancellation to get rid of enemy enchantments (but see rule VI when using it to remove beneficial enchantments).
    Players can contact the Game Administrators to clear doubt on what is Milking and what not.

    TR is intended to be played by real players, not by little computer programs (bots, scripts) that they may invent. TR is a game played through a web browser. Players can make use of any tool that a default browser offers (multiple windows, window refreshing, bookmarks). Running bots and scripts to optimize gameplay makes the TR servers run slow. Furthermore, it creates a gap between players that use them (veterans, chat network communities) and players that do not yet have access (new players, individual players). There are many features installed in TR to equalize the competition and to reduce the urge to develop scripts that actively contact our servers. Scripts that do not contact the TR servers, for example for battle report analysis or hero leveling, are allowed and even stimulated by TR developers.
    The use of scripts or bots that spend turns or otherwise actively contact our server (instead of the player clicking pages) is forbidden.

    Hacking and deliberate bug triggering is forbidden. This includes attempts to hack into player-accounts, hacks into our servers, attempts to flood our servers and databases and attempts to modify any of our web-pages. The TR servers are monitored and hackers and deliberate bug abusers are banned from playing TR.
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Post by Groentje » Apr 15th 2007 07:58

For those of you who worry for being mistaken a multimage: the FAQ-pages on 'Register Multi Account' have been updated.
This information can be found on the community server's multiaccount registration page.
  • You have to register your mage in case:
    You and someone else play from the same PC.
    You play from public PCs, like school or internet cafe.
    You and someone else play from home or an office with a shared IP due to a 'router' or 'proxy'.

    You don't have to register in case:
    You play from home and your office but no one else plays TR from your home or your office.

    Q: What is the purpose ?
    A: This is directed to couples, friends, office mates etc who play TR from 1 computer or IP and don't want to be confused by admins for multimages. This is also directed to people who often use public computers, like in net cafes or schools where other persons might play TR as well.

    Q: How do I register ?
    A: There is a link in the Council of Emperor. Just select whether it is a public PC or you share a PC with another person.

    Q: I play on more than one server, do I have to register on each one?
    A: No. You must register using the above link. This is tied to your portal account and will update to each server that you have a mage. Do it once and you are done!

    Q: Does my wife/friend/brother have to register as well when using 1 computer by 2 players ?
    A: Yes! Both users must register.

    Q: How many people can share and play from 1 computer ?
    A: Maximum two people can play from 1 computer. For example, you and your brother on your home PC.

    Q: Are there any other restrictions ?
    A: No! You may each play your mage as you wish.

    Q: If I have 2 or more computers at home but they use same connection, do I have to register ?
    A: It depends. If each has a seperate IP then you do not have to register. If each computer is assigned the same IP by your router then you must register.

    Q: How do I know if my home or office computers have the same IPs ?
    A: Check your IP from any public website that will display your IP. One example is:

    Q: If I play from my home PC and sometimes from school (or cafe), do I have to register ?
    A: Yes! Because you play from a public PC (school or a cafe) you need to register.

    Q: I play from school but I don't know if there's someone else playing TR as well, do I have to register ?
    A: Definitely.

    Q: If I was at my friends house, who is also playing TR, and I logged in to my mage to check it, do I have to register ?
    A: No, if it was only once or twice you don't have to register. If you play from his computer often then you both need to register.

    Q: I play from my work and there are a lot of people here, we use the same http proxy, but my computer is used only by me. Do I have to register ?
    A: Only if the office uses a shared IP. Check your IP from any public website that will display your IP. One example is:

    Q: I play from my own computer at work and then at my home pc. Do I have to register ?
    A: If you are the only person at home and work that plays TR then you do not need to register.

    Q: I play from school/cafe, but i'm computer expert and I know they use the same http proxy. So do I have to register or not ?
    A: Yes, you have to register.

    Q: What if I don't register ?
    A: If you do not register and your situation requires it, your account will be frozen. You will then need to appeal to the game administrators of the server that you were frozen on, which they may or may not decide to lift. Even if they decide to remove the freeze on your account, this will take time. In short, it is easier to just register.

    Q: What if I just register even though I do not need to ?
    A: If you do not need to register then you should not. Registering means that the game administrators will be paying close attention to the actions of your mage. This puts an added work load onto them, and increased scrutiny onto you. Only register if you follow the criteria above.

    Q: Won't that justify multimaging ?
    A: No, mages who register will be under constant and very careful watch from game administrators. If a registered mage is found to be multimaging, it will result in an immediate server-wide ban. It is very easy to tell the difference between 2 people playing 2 mages and 1 person playing 2 mages, believe me.
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