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Moderators Wanted

Post by DragonGrl » Feb 23rd 2021 03:44

Position: Full or Part Time Positions Available
Salary: $0 with the possibility of raises up to double your starting salary.
Bonuses: Bonuses are available based on your performance. These will either be a percentage of your salary or a "Thank you" depending on situation.

Do you thrive in an organization that values your ability to make decisions in a fast paced environment? Are you at your best when cruising the UBB? Would you describe yourself as level headed and flexible? Then this job is the perfect fit for you!!

We are currently looking for volunteers to fill roles within the Moderators Team for both the UBB forums and Discord chat. Job duties include removing inappropriate content (spam, hate speech, porn, etc.) and helping players as needed with things such as linking their Discord to their portal account. The right candidates will be level headed and of high moral character.

Additional Perks:
-You get to give back to the community by helping keep the forums and Discord suitable for all of our members.
-You can now tell your spouse that you're working while going through the forums.
-You get a nifty color name in Discord!
-This is a remote position so no need to leave the comfort of your couch and pajama pants.

If interested or you have any questions, please send a message to DragonGrl or Laanders for consideration.
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