Illegal Coordination Rules Are Back In Effect for Beta

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Illegal Coordination Rules Are Back In Effect for Beta

Post by DragonGrl » Apr 16th 2021 02:03

Awhile back, we suspended rules VI and VII of the decalogue for Beta server to see how it would affect things as it is the hardest part to enforce. We have decided to reinstate it after seeing the detrimental effects suspending it caused. For those who may have forgotten what those rules are, they are being posted below.

Players are only allowed to share information on targets and to coordinate attacks with fellow players, after officially registering their alliance. There are three forms of registered alliance that allow coordination:(1) Mages that are each others direct allies (on non-solo servers).(2) Mages that are member of the same guild (on guilded servers).(3) Mages that are members of allied guilds (on guilded servers).Other forms of registered alliance (ally of an ally, NAP-ed guilds) do not allow sharing information and coordinating attacks. Examples:• Mages that are members of a guild are not allowed to send in-game information regarding targets to NAP-ed guild members.• Mages that are not yet a member of a guild, can only share and coordinate with their direct allies.• Non-guilded mages that are in an "alliance chain" can only coordinate with their direct allies, and may not share in-game information with other mages in the chain. See here for examples.• Coordinating offensive casting of Serenity or Cancellation with mages that are not direct allies, members of the same guild, or members of an allied guild is illegal.All other coordinated action is considered illegal guild activity.

Don’t spoil the game by public posting of information from within the game that only attacking and defending mages can know about. It is not allowed to reveal the troop types and tactics of enemy mages to other players in general. Players can only share such information with registered allies on that server (Rule VI), using in-game messages or closed parts of the guild forum.• Players that want to post fragments of battle reports on the forum or in their mage description should blank out the name and number of the enemy mage and of any allied mages involved.• Players are not allowed to reveal information on possible Armageddon casters.
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