TR Staff Roles and Responsibilities

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TR Staff Roles and Responsibilities

Post by DragonGrl » Mar 14th 2021 19:26

For years, I've noticed there seems to be a lot of misconceptions surrounding the TR staff and what they do. This is to hopefully clear some of those up.
  • All TR Staff is made up of 100% volunteers. There is no compensation or perks.
  • All TR Staff donate their time to keep things running. This may be a few minutes a week or hours depending on the position they hold and their availability.
  • TR Staff are a mix of people who were nominated and people who volunteered.
  • Players may be members of multiple teams.
The teams are set up to handle various aspects of running the game. They include Developers, Administrators, Moderators, and Mechanics Teams.

Developers (aka Dev Team): These are our coders and the people behind keeping this game running. They are publicly known and are a mix of both professionally trained and hobby coders. Head Dev is Hypello.
  • Maintain code by fixing bugs and updating code as necessary.
  • Implement changes in the game as proposed by the Mechanics team.
  • Maintain servers for the game to run on.
  • If the game crashes, these are the people who fix it. If a bug steals your geld, these are the people might be able to get it back to you.
  • Interactions with Administrators: fix bugs or help handle player issues (like missing geld on the BM) that Admins may be made aware of through reports. Design and improve tools to monitor servers.
  • Interactions with Mechanics Team: implement changes and work with the Mechanics Team on game design matters.
Administrators (aka Admin Team): Consists of multiple Server Admins and one Head Admin, who leads the team. These are our customer service/rule enforcers for the servers. All but Head Admin are “hidden” and will remain anonymous to avoid conflicts of interest and griefing/attacks by people who feel wronged. They are a very diverse group of veteran players with impeccable track records of fair play and experience with different parts of the community. There are no less than 4 Admins on the team at any given time. Head Admin is DragonGrl.
  • Monitor players to prevent cheating.
  • Handle reports of cheating from players on every server which includes investigating the possible violation, administering any punishment if rules were broken, and responding to both the reporting player and any sanctioned player in a professional manner.
  • Manage appeals from players who feel they were wrongly punished, being sure to take any new evidence into account.
  • Server Admins are not allowed to play any server they manage. Servers they do play are restricted so that they do not have any access to admin-grade information. For instance, Admin A is assigned to Arch and Guildwar servers. They will not be able to play on these servers. Admin A also likes playing Lightning so they will not have access to the admin panel for Lightning server making it impossible for them to gain an advantage on their competition. These rules are in place to prevent a single admin from taking advantage of their position.
  • Interactions with Developers: alert Devs of any reported bugs that may be submitted through the “report a player” function. Follow up to ensure that the player's issue is resolved. Request and help develop tools to help make the most informed decisions on rulings of Deca violations.
  • Interactions with Mechanics Team: Head Admin may bring up issues with rule enforcement to the Mechanics Team to see if there are mechanical ways of preventing certain types of cheating or disincentivize it (milking for Patron and a request for Patron reqs to be reworked is one such example).
Moderators (aka Mod Team): These are our customer service/rule enforcers of the forums and Discord. They are a group of players dedicated to keeping our forums and Discord clear of unsuitable content (porn, spam, etc.) and assisting players with things such as linking their portal account to the TR Discord. Head Mod is Snofsan.
  • Monitor forums to make sure that no rules are broken in terms of content. This includes reading all UBB posts in their entirety and daily monitoring of TR Discord channels.
  • Clean any unsuitable content from the forums and Discord.
  • Handle any reported content to see if it violates our community standards. Bring any issues brought up such as bugs or cheating to the attention of the appropriate team.
Mechanics Team: These are the people who work to both balance the game and design new features/units/etc. They are a diverse group of players with varying skills and experiences. This is by far our largest staff team. The composition of the team is not public knowledge. Head Designer is Laanders.
  • Look at balance issues and suggest fixes to improve those issues.
  • Design new content to be implemented in the game.
  • This is a position that is much more fluid in terms of time required since it's not as time sensitive as the other positions.
  • Interactions with Developers: work with Developers to make sure that any content being discussed is feasible. If feasible and voted to be put into production, explain the change to the Developers in detail so that it may be implemented.
  • Interactions with Administrators: help fix mechanics that may be causing players to cheat more.
If you are interested in volunteering for any of these teams, please speak with the head of the team you are interested in. Please know that some positions are limited due to knowledge or other restrictions. If you have questions about the above information, feel free to speak with any of the staff members. If they don't know the answer, they can find someone who does.
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