ARCHIVED - What NOT to do on these forums - READ BEFORE POST

General announcements for the community to read.
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ARCHIVED - What NOT to do on these forums - READ BEFORE POST

Post by Alzorath » Mar 26th 2004 03:53

Do NOT do the following:
  • Blatant Swearing
    • Please be selective when using curses, slang, racial, religious, or creed based words. (this includes variants such as ghey, j00z, bish, etc.)
    • Moderators don't consider "Damn" a curse word in its proper format (as slang for "Damn it to hell").
    • Limited use allowed of the words "whore" "rape" etc. as they have become a staple of some people's vocabulary in this game - but if it gets out of hand, this will be quickly changed (or per request of the masses).
    *note - this only is for the use of things like referencing the general group known as "rank whores", or a stack getting "raped" by another, there are better adjectives for these descriptions, but they have become standard. Other uses are prohibited on a case by case basis.

    As a general rule of thumb: for the most part, if you can't say it on TV, you can't say it here.
    • Average first time Punishment: Editing or Deletion of said post.
    • If it continues after being warned: Editing or Deletion of said post, and possible report to site administrators if excessive.
  • Posting unwanted links
    • Do not post offensive links, this includes but is not exclusively: Pornography, Offensive Literature, Viruses, etc.
    • Do not post misleading links, this includes but is not exclusively things like false guild links.
    • Punishment (doesn't matter if it's your first time): Deletion of Post along with report to site administrators where further actions can be taken should they decide to. (UBB-posts are moderated by moderators, in the second line there is the forum-admin who can deny access)
  • Posting unwanted in-game information
    In addition to what the game-rules forbid by the decalogue (please edit out magenames, mage numbers, times of battles etc. etc.)
    • Posting of In-game information that is not easily accessable via rank screen.
    • Posting of 'spam' of in game information (such as notifications as to when a spell or item is up for sale).
    • Average first time punishment: Editing or deletion of post, possible report to site adminstrators if needed.
    • if continues after warning: Editing or deletion of post, and possible report to site administrators if needed.
  • Slander/Immitation/Harrassment
    • Slandering an administrator/programmer/moderator/etc. will result in editing or even deletion of a post. This includes both immitating an edit by an administrator, claiming an administrator edited your post when this is not true (Moderators will always claim their edits if they alter the post in any impacting form).
    • These rules apply also to other members of the board, if caught post will be edited or deleted. While won't be looked on as severe as Slander/immitation/harrassment of a moderator, actions will be taken.
    • There is an exception "in good humor", if a post is blatantly a joke, it will tend to go unpunished by moderators. If it is part of a debate, it will usually be left untouched, if it gets excessive - it will be removed though.
    • You may also criticize the additions made to the game, but avoid criticizing to those who made them, doing so would be inappropriate and impolite.
  • Advertising
    • Should be limited to guild advertisements in the Union of Honor, all other links will be delt with on a case by case basis. (in other words, think twice before you post a link, think "does this serve a purpose? is it better elsewhere?" - don't post a link to a car dealership in the middle of a debate about a war for example)
  • Images
    • Offensive images will get the post deleted (per the offensive links rule), and reported to the administrators. I will delete all of your posts if you change your signature/avatar to something offensive (moderators may repost the information, yes, and accredit to you, but your original post will be deleted).
  • Manipulation via Donations-
    • Do not attempt to use donations as a form of manipulation, doing so would be inappropriate, and they do state that donations guarantee nothing. They will continue on their own path in providing this game as they see fit. If you don't like it, don't donate, and don't play.

Additional stuff:

Standard Language English -
- While moderators won't delete posts for using different languages, one must remember that the standard accepted language of these forums is English. It is polite (and mainly makes my job easier) - if the majority of posts are at least attempted to be done in english, if you want me to check the grammar of your post (if you post in english), moderators wouldn't mind doing so. It is mainly just a pain for moderators to try and translate an entire thread of posts in foreign languages, not to mention time consuming.

- If you wish to have a post be decidedly one language, it is acceptable - but please note "Spanish: <subject>" or "Dutch: <subject>" or "Yiddish: <subject>", so I know what to expect before going in completely (and can be set up to translate it quickly when I get to it) - this is also to keep users of other languages from entering and spamming your posts. (If you spam a post that is clearly labeled 'spanish' with arguments about this being an english forum - I will delete the posts of the spammers for example).

more to be added as the need arises, these rules can change at any time. Ignorance is not an excuse.

If you notice any breaches of these rules that have been overlooked, please PM a moderator of your forum
or PM the general moderator (Currently: Ninarx).

Also if you feel a post has been wrongly edited, you can PM moderators for that.
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Post by Groentje » Mar 23rd 2007 16:38

Ninarx is the new general moderator!

Groentje fades in to admin idleness
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