Guildwar Server New Reset - Sep 18, 2018

General announcements for the community to read.
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Guildwar Server New Reset - Sep 18, 2018

Post by Mistress » Sep 17th 2018 17:39

Guildwar Server will restart at Tue Sep 18 20:00:00 UTC 2018.
Armageddon is scheduled to begin at Mon Nov 19 19:00:00 UTC 2018.

Changes from previous set

  • Server Time is now in UTC timezone.
  • War page now displays all machine counters, incoming and outgoing
  • Added alternative chronicle message for siege and regular attacks doing no damage to the defender
    • The message reads: "A minor incident occurred on the border between One (#1)'s and Two(#2)'s kingdoms."
    • The order of the mages involved works the same way as for any siege or regular attack (attacker first if known, otherwise random)
  • When losing God favor, the timestamp will now reflect the moment it was lost.
  • Renuntio message about enchantments now includes caster name, link to caster's arena, and link to dispel page
  • Autofocus parameter added to input fields for exploring, taxing, charging, research and arena
  • Bugfix: When both players and the server have broken arma seals, the one that's ahead will be announced in the renuntio (player seals used to block server seals, even when they were ahead)
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Re: Guildwar Server New Reset - Sep 18, 2018

Post by Aegon » Sep 21st 2018 23:17

Patch notes have been updated with some additional minor changes.

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