Lightning Server New Reset - Dec 4, 2016

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Lightning Server New Reset - Dec 4, 2016

Post by Hypello » Dec 01st 2016 07:42

Lightning Server will restart at Sun Dec 4 12:00:00 2016.
Armageddon is scheduled to begin at Sat Jan 7 16:00:00 2017.

Changes from previous set

  • Guild alliances enabled
  • Forced wait protection blocks allied guilds
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Re: Lightning Server New Reset - Dec 4, 2016

Post by Laanders » Dec 05th 2016 11:06

Changelist posted, see above.

The mechanics of forced wait protection are now as follows:
  • Mages cannot attack someone within 15 minutes of a previous attack on the target, unless
    • the previous attacker is a guildmate or direct ally of the current one, or
    • the attacker has a counter on the target, or
    • the target has an active enchantment on the attacker, or
    • the target has used a turn since the previous attack, or
    • the attacker, previous attacker or target is an AI mage.
  • In all above cases, "attack" refers to any battle, spell or item that produced a counter.
  • In armageddon, the time frame is 5 minutes.
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