Daylight Savings Time

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Daylight Savings Time

Post by Laanders » Mar 27th 2016 01:06

This is a reminder that Daylight Savings Time (DST) has just entered into effect on all TR server clocks. DST means that the clock is set one hour forward, so at the moment game time reached 02:00, it immediately skipped to 03:00, making tonight one hour shorter.

This may have some consequences in game, if not taken into account. Counters, and damage protection, are always calculated over a period of 24 (12 on lightning) hours. This means the counter (and damage protection) of an attack made at 21:00 Saturday the 26th, will expire at 22:00 Sunday the 27th, assuming a 24 hour cycle.

Note that the UBB clock does NOT automatically adjust for DST, but each user can choose to do so in the User Control Panel.

DST in Germany, where most of our servers are located, begins on the last weekend in March, and ends on the lat weekend in October. This year, that means the end date is October 30th, when the clock will be set back from 03:00 to 02:00, reversing tonight's effect.
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