New routines for reporting bugs

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New routines for reporting bugs

Post by Laanders » Jun 24th 2015 13:11

In order to help the developer team better be able to keep track of and handle bug reports, we are moving from the hitherto forum-based bug reporting model, to using a proper bug tracker. The tracker can be found on To report bugs, you need to log on using your TR portal account.

The old "General Bugs" forum has been renamed to "Bugs and Errors", where a link to the tracker as well as detailed instructions are prominently displayed. All existing threads in the bugs forum have been moved to a subforum named "Bugs Archive". Any bugs or issues that are still relevant should be added to the bug tracker for follow-up. While we will probably be creating some of these tickets ourselves, we simply don't have the resources to go through all old bug report threads, so please help us out there, and ensure all relevant bugs get pulled over to the new system.

All parts of the bugs forum are now read-only. In addition, the old "Beta Server - Bugs and Feature Discussion" forum has been renamed as well, to reflect that it too should no longer be used for bug reports.

We appreciate that everyone will help make our lives easier by respecting that ALL bugs should be posted ONLY on the bug tracker.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to keeping TR running in a manageable fashion.
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