Introducing TR Credits

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Introducing TR Credits

Post by Hypello » Apr 15th 2015 10:52

Introducing TR Credits!

What are TR Credits?
  • TR credits are an online pseudo-currency which act as tokens which supporters of the game can use.
What can I use them for?
  • At the moment, the only use for TR credits is to activate supporting status for individual mages and guilds within the game servers.
How do I add credits to my account?
  • Simply follow the donating instructions here. There are more details on that page. You can also see your credit balance on this page, or from any of the "Supporting status" links at the top of the main manu page in all servers.
What if I have any issues with donating, or have a general question about credits and PayPal?
  • Please post any queries and issues in the new board here

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