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Post by Hypello » Feb 03rd 2012 17:24

The Reincarnation offers an IRC server to enable easy communication between players and supporters of the game. Users of this IRC server agree to follow the rules outlined here. Users include any client connected to the server, whether it is a bot or otherwise. The IRC server will henceforth be referred to as TRirc.

Relation to The Reincarnation - the game:
  • TRirc is not an extension of the game. It is separate service provided for anyone in the community, not simply reserved for players. Players may however, use TRirc for in game purposes eg. for ally coordination etc.
  • Content said within TRirc will not be used as evidence to prove or exonerate a player accused of breaking the rules outlined in the Decalogue. TRirc will not store conversation logs to be used for any other in game purpose.
General Use:
  • Official public channels (such as #reincarnation) will be monitored by TR staff to maintain a respectful atmosphere.
  • The Reincarnation staff are not responsible for any material said on TRirc whether it be illegal or otherwise.
  • Users will not bully or attack other users of TRirc in any manner, whether it be via abusive messages or IRC attacks causing harm to the user's IRC connection or authentication.
  • TRirc Staff reserve the right to ban, kick and/or disconnect any user who is in non-compliance with any of these rules, or for any other behavior that is deemed inappropriate.
  • Flooding TRirc servers or other users is forbidden. Flooding is defined as repeatedly sending small to large amounts of text, joining and parting channels rapidly and other attempts to disrupt normal user and channel activity.
  • Attempts to hack the network or other users is forbidden. This includes password bruteforcing and DoS attacks.
  • Massive spamming and/or advertising (ie. promoting your website, product, channel, whatever) in channels or queries is forbidden.
  • The Reincarnation Staff reserve the right to alter the IRC policy without advance notice.

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