ArchWar Server New Reset - Sept 11, 2011

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ArchWar Server New Reset - Sept 11, 2011

Post by Azroen » Sep 09th 2011 20:59

ArchWar Server will restart at Sun Sep 11 18:00:00 2011.
Armageddon is scheduled for Tue Nov 8 06:00:00 2011.

  • Damaged status threshold increased by 8% per seal broken for Armageddon casters
  • Thunder Blade nerfed by 50%
  • Scry unit information updates properly
  • Scry now displays hero count and hero name/profession
  • Battle simulator added for supporting mages under the War page (war.cgi)
  • Stack calculator added for supporting mages under the War page
  • Sell Item page shows estimates of total and selected items worth
  • Checkboxes to sell all of one type of item - and a checkbox to select all items
  • Lady Luck expiry notice
  • Link to refresh disband and button to disband all
  • Chronicles now display guild tags
  • Guild battle log now displays guild tags, spells and items
  • Priority Mail messages can be sent by those with access
  • Mainmenu new mail link changes colour based on most important unread message
  • Choosing Select All when choosing stacks to send into battle will only check the top 10 stacks
  • Swords and Spawning areas of the Black Market now lists upkeeps for stacks

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