ArchWar Server New Reset - July 15, 2011

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ArchWar Server New Reset - July 15, 2011

Post by Azroen » Jul 13th 2011 22:27

ArchWar Server will restart at Fri Jul 15 06:00:00 2011.
Armageddon is scheduled for Mon Sep 5 19:00:00 2011.

  • Armageddon casters can now enter protection, but only after suffering 50% damage
  • Beta units added - Dark Apprentice, Dwarven Shaman, High Elf, Naga Queen, Yeti
  • Dark Elf Magician buffed
  • Option to recruit all available barracks units at once, all with the same quantity
  • Disband interface no longer shows separate result page, but rather integrates the result into the disband page (just like a successful summon)
  • Guild member list is now sortable
  • Treasure Maps readded, with a chance to reveal who owns a certain unique
  • Letter of Thieves Guild has a higher chance of stealing uniques when the target has multiple uniques

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