Apprentice becomes Arch Server

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Apprentice becomes Arch Server

Post by Cyrus » Nov 03rd 2007 21:01

For those of you who have read ( The Reincarnation Annoucement 2007 ) knows that we have had plans to change the name of Apprentice Server to Arch Server.

So the time has come to commit to one of the changes that we have promised. A change for the better we hope.

Arch Server will come online in the maintenance period after Apprentice Server has completed its last armageddon, we wish the best of luck to the mages of Apprentice who aim for the last Hall of Fame.
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Re: Apprentice becomes Arch Server

Post by Groentje » Dec 09th 2007 17:49

The Apprentice Union of Honour and Banquet Hall forums have now been locked.
Its rich library of posts will be kept archived and kept accessible - but new posting is nolonger possible.
Conversation continues in newly opened Arch forums.
GROENTJE *Peace flavour your sword lor!*

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