Magewar Mayhem! Coming to Beta 12/4-12/5

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Magewar Mayhem! Coming to Beta 12/4-12/5

Post by DragonGrl » Nov 23rd 2021 16:26

We've had a couple short sets made for testing new elements or stress testing a new server and people have always really enjoyed the short term commitment with the ability to use a ton of turns just having fun. Magewar Mayhem! is a set designed to mimic that. This can be a serious set for some or a silly set for others. Here are the settings we are looking at:

Server: Beta
Time: 48 hours
Arma Length: 2 hours
Turnrate: 1 turn every 10 sec.
Turn Storage: 1,000
D Status: 3 hours
Max Guild Size: 3
Alliances: Allowed
HoF Spots: 3
Bots: Will scale with the turnrate so can expect on average one attack run per turn cycle.
Bot Ratio: 10:1

Obviously you will need to eat, sleep, etc. If you choose to sleep longer than a parent with a newborn, please build enough forts or setup for a quick D so you don't die.

I'm also looking at limiting reincarnations to the first half of the playtime to avoid people jumping in just to screw with people during Arma. If we do so, it will be announced at the reset. We also will not be responsible for the server breaking (which may very well happen but no better way to find out than to try!).
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