Solo Server New Reset - Mar 4, 2021

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Solo Server New Reset - Mar 4, 2021

Post by Laanders » Mar 03rd 2021 16:18

Solo Server will restart at Thu Mar 4 15:00:00 2021.
Armageddon is scheduled to begin at Sat May 1 15:00:00 2021.

Changes from previous set

  • Renuntio turn messages now display the action the turn was used for. (i.e. "Casting Spell: Summon Zombies on yourself.")
  • Renuntio will now record the results from actions such as building, researching, casting spells etc.
  • You may now view your previous turn history using the "View Renuntio History" link located at the bottom of the mainmenu.
    • Note that the way we store renuntio messages isn't always exceptionally clean - for example a renuntio battle report is technically a collection of several renuntio entries, and will display as such in your history. This is not a bug.
  • Once Armageddon has ended, all players will be able to view the "History of Terra"; this allows you to view all chronicles and all battles for all mages.
    • Once the server is clear for a new reset, this history will no longer be available.
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